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Untold Festival Cluj, Romania 05-08-2017 Elements Stage
Steff da Campo, Chupitos Amsterdam, The Netherlands 10-08-2017 Chupitos
Ghioroc Summer Festival Ghioroc, Romania 12-08-2017 https://www.facebook.com/events/156538528233008/
Electronic Dance Live Stream Hamburg, Germany 19-08-2017 http://Electronic-Dance.Ne
Halo, Club Sessions Hamburg, Germany 19-08-2017 www.halo.club
Toeters & Platen, ROC Rotterdam, The Netherlands 21-08-2017 Rooftop
Steff da Campo @ Chupitos Amsterdam, The Netherlands 25-08-2017
Czad Festival Strazecin, Poland 26-08-2017 http://www.czadfestiwal.pl/
Toeters & Platen Heemstede, The Netherlands 01-09-2017 Private Party
Dance at the Park Groningen, The Netherlands 02-09-2017
Toeters & Platen, Festival Soest, The Netherlands 02-09-2017
Toeters & Platen Rotterdam, The Netherlands 09-09-2017 Private Party
Toeters & Platen Velsen, The Netherlands 09-09-2017 Private Party
Culinair Hoorn Hoorn, The Netherlands 16-09-2017 Kerkplein
Toeters & Platen Rheden, The Netherlands 17-09-2017 Private Party
Toeters & Platen TBA 22-09-2017 TBA
WE DON'T CARE, OUTDOOR Wolvega, The Netherlands 23-09-2017
Jail House Rock, Agrarische Dagen Franeker, The Netherlands 23-09-2017 De Bogt Fen Gune
Toeters & Platen Rotterdam, The Netherlands 29-09-2017 Private Party
Toeters & Platen Scheepsvaart, The Netherlands 30-09-2017 Private Party
Steff da Campo @ Osiris Leeuwarden, The Netherlands 12-10-2017
Candy Club, Eigentijds Harlingen, The Netherlands 14-10-2017
ADE, WE DON'T CARE Amsterdam, The Netherlands 18-10-2017 Chupitos
ADE, Lucky Charmes In Control Amsterdam, The Netherlands 21-8-2017 Club Prime